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Austin: many models. 9t pinion long. 

Jensen: Jensen Healey 9t pinion long.

Lotus: Elite 9t pinion long.

Morris: Morris Minor 9t pinion long.

             Morris 1800 9t pinion short.

             Morris side valve 50's 9t extra long (37mm) pinion projection.

MG: MGA 1962-68, MGB 1962-66, Midget 1961-80.

Triumph: Herald. 9t pinion long.

Ford Zephyr:  MK 1-3. 9t pinion long. Note: MK3 engine with MK1 bellhousing and                                   flywheel may require 10t 32mm pinion.

Rootes group:  Hillman Hunter, Avenger, minx etc 4 cyl. except Imp. 9t pinion long.

1.0kw. Also available in 1.4kw.

Jaguar: MK10 9t pinion long.

Nash: Metropolitan 9t pinion long. 

Vauxhall: 1960's  2.0L, 2.3L, 2.6L, 3.3L. 9t long.

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