Warranty and Disclaimer

Roadrunner Starters are guaranteed for 12 months from initial fitment. Return shipping and associated costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. We will repair or replace the unit at our discretion.
Warranty will be voided if the starter failure is due to water/oil ingress or if installation instructions have not been adhered to.

Starters pictured may differ in appearance from actual starters currently available.

Roadrunner Starters make every effort possible to list accurate vehicle model and engine fitment information for our product range and we are continually adding new information as it comes to hand. However, some OEM vehicle applications have differing models of starter fitted throughout their production runs. Differences may include varying pinion tooth counts and projection measurements, mounting bolt specification as well as terminal inclusion, type and positioning.

Some non-stock installs may require custom starter modifications either by Roadrunner starters or if minor in nature, by the purchaser after consultation with us.

It is essential that the installation guidelines supplied with the starter are followed by the installer of the starter.

Further “fitting” hardware other than that supplied in the installation kit may be required on some installs. Extra shims are available from Roadrunner Starters on request.

Please contact us prior to purchase if you require further reference information about our product range.

Purchasers may need to supply OE starter part number if available or starter engine specification and measurements in some cases to ensure correct starter model shipment.