About Us

Roadrunner Starters are designed as a replacement 'high performance' starter that surpasses the performance of the original equipment starter.

Our starters provide more power and torque and are smaller and lighter. They are the most adjustable and reliable starter in the marketplace.

Experience Counts

For over 20 years Roadrunner Starters has been supplying an ever-increasing range of OEM Denso based gear reduction starters to the aftermarket. Denso is the largest starter motor manufacturer in the world and we believe they produce the finest product available anywhere.

Extensive Range

We offer an off the shelf range of starters for Hot rods and race cars, classics and vintage models.

We also supply a range of marine and agricultural, industrial and motorcycle high-performance starters. Most Roadrunner starters are available in a range of performance levels that can be tailored to individual applications and requirements. Many are offered with rotatable or clockable front mounting plates that allow the starter to be repositioned to clear exhaust, steering and suspension obstacles.

If you can't find what you require in our catalogue, contact us directly. As well as having more than 300 starters for different applications off the shelf in stock, Roadunner Starters can help with 'custom' or 'one-off' applications and we are continually adding new models and designs to our already extensive list of products.


If your Roadrunner Starter requires servicing we carry a full range of parts in stock to take care of your requirements. We've supplied thousands of starters over the years and routinely service ones that have been fitted and abused in severe service or competition applications for many years.

Best Advice

Performance, quality and service are paramount to us here at Roadrunner Starters. We can't compete on price with cheaper Asian versions or 'knock-offs' of our products but we promise to give the best advice and service available to our customers.

The History of the Starter Motor

We have put together a short history of the starter motor.


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